Top 5 Gardening Tips
Here are the top 5 tips for gardening and we hope you enjoy them. Leave feedback and comments and share your tips if you like

#1 Always use organic compost if you can. Using organic materials like kitchen compost will give you the best type of soil to plant in. Using Cow poop is not the best one though as it can be very dense and will create a water resistant layer in some cases.

#2 Raise your beds for comfortable reach. Having a reaised bed you can easily access your plants and you can control the soil a lot easier. Creating a raised bed can be done in several ways and does not have to cost a lot

#3 Make sure there is enough room between your plants. This will help control fungal diseases such as powdery mildew. It will improve air circulation and increase sunlight penetration

#4 If space is in short supply, then use bulbs in pots for an immediate impact. When they are just on the point of flowering in the spring, you can plant the whole pot in a border to provide an instant splash of colour.

#5 Keep the soil well-mulched all year. Mulching helps to minimise weed growth and this is important because weeds compete with plants for moisture and nutrients. Mulching also modifies soil temperature – in warm weather it helps to keep it cool and in cold weather it keeps the soil warm.

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