Brand : Georgia Equipment Company

10″ X 3.25″ Solid Finishing Mower Wheel with Needles Bearings and a 3/4″ Opening.

Tire fits several different brand machines This tire has 3/4″ sintered hub bushings and not needle bearings This tire will fit right on to any assembly that takes a3/4″ axle (we also have in 1/2″, 5/8″ and 1″) and you will not have to buy the bushing that goes through the center or re-use yours. 10″ x 3.25″ 3/4″ axle bushings already in place High quality Needle Bearing Grease fitting for lubricating the axle Solid molded tire (we also have in the segmented rubber like on a rotary cutter) High quality replacement at 1/2 the cost As Always Even though it “should fit” doesn’t mean it “will fit” Be Sure to Measure your Wheel to make sure it will work Tire Made with the Highest quality of Materials to Stand up to the abuse they take


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