Brand : OK

2 in 1 Automatic Leaf Bud Trimmer LCC01

The automatic trimmer is contained system with the sturdy frame, supports a hermitically sealed cutter box with stainless steel cutter blades and screen surrounded by a safety shroud and base assembly. This system is specifically designed for use in the processing of cash crops including basil, coriander, lavender, mint, parsley oregano and rosemary. Below is a summary of some of the features of this outstanding automatic trimmer. 2 carry bags Mesh bag Stainless steel adjustable powerful triple blade & Lazar cut fans 4 removable grills (1 standard grate & 1 finger grate for the bottom part square trimmer. 1 standard grate & 1/4″ grate for the top glass top part. ( easy clean or replaceable new grate) Strongest powerful high quality efficiency quiet motor 2 in 1 trimmer capability to go to manual mode with top class part removal. Designed with auto shut off safety feature when cutting box is opened 1 year warranty

(1 year warranty on motor only)


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