Bag Butler 3 Pack Lawn and Leaf Trash Bag Holders

This offer is for 3 Bag Butlers each with it’s own large color label in a single package. The Original lawn and garden bag holder. Until now, sold only at Home and Garden Shows, HSN, QVC. Now available at! Bag ButlersĀ® make using any plastic trash bag much easier. Fits 26 gallon to 42 gallon plastic trash bags. You’ll use it year round… the yard, camping, recycling, picnics, in the shop….anywhere, anytime you use trash bags. Made from solid, heavy duty recycled plastics (NOT corrugated plastic and NOT cardboard). Completely assembled, no parts to loose, Patented, easy to use, and lasts for years. Simple to use…just fold The Bag Butler creating tension, slip into bag, and release. The Bag Butler instantly pops the bag wide open so you have both hands free to do the job. Stand it up to empty your grass catcher, or lay it down to rake leaves and debris right into the bag. Load a leaf bag in less than a minute! Rake and bags not included. Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 packs….just search Amazon for “Bag Butler” to see other listings. Please note that the shipping dimensions are listed in the description above, but when used the actual size is approximately 24″ x 20″ x 10″. Size of opening will change with different sizes of bags used. *It will hold a paper leaf bag open for laying down on the ground to rake into the bag. The dust pan edge will curve a little because of the smaller diameter of the paper bag. You’ll still fill the bag in less than a minute. The Bag Butler is not recommended for using upright in paper bags. When you get your new Bag Butler, make sure you pull the panels all the way around in the opposite direction before inserting it into the bag. If you don’t the Bag Butler is designed fold back flat to it’s original stored position. See the demo video at bagbutler dot com to see it’s many uses and watch it “Pop” the bag wide open!


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