Flowtron LE-800 Leaf-Eater Electric Leaf Shredder

The Flowtron LE-800 Leaf-Eater Mulcher/Shredder quickly recycles yard and garden waste into nutrient-rich mulch that’s ready to be disposed of or reprocessed into compost. Powered by regular household current and featuring special positions for fine, medium, and coarse mulch, this handy tool reduces eight bags of leaves to just one bag, saving money on expensive trash bags and trash pickup.

An easy-to-read, sliding control lever lets you pick the right setting for each task. View larger.

The Leaf-Eater quickly and easily reduces wet or dry yard waste into nutrient-rich mulch that you can use. View larger.

Just Shred and Spread For a Beautiful Yard
Transform your yard into a showplace, without all the sweat and strain. With the help of its extra-large, 21-inch-diameter funnel, the Leaf-Eater effortlessly reduces wet or dry yard waste–including leaves and grass clippings–into nutrient-rich mulch or compost that you can reuse right in your flowerbeds or vegetable garden. With this efficient tool, creating a great yard is as simple as shredding and spreading!

Two-Step Process Shreds and Mulches
This system utilizes a two-step process that shreds and then mulches for fast cleanup and maximum waste reduction. Just feed double handfuls of material into the hopper and watch the Leaf-Eater do all the work.

Patented Design and Powerful Motor Shred Leaves Fast
Thanks to its patented design, double heavy-duty cutting lines, and powerful universal motor with circuit breaker and reset button for overload protection, the Leaf-Shredder shreds wet or dry leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and even paper as fast as you can load them.

Range of Shredding Adjustments for Flexibility
This flexible shredder offers the convenience of a range of shredding adjustments from coarse to fine–up to 30:1 particle size-reduction. It also includes a sliding control lever that’s easy to read, so you can choose the right setting for the job.

Lightweight Design for Easy Portability
Lightweight at just 16 pounds, the Leaf-Eater features a rugged, high-density polyethylene funnel and housing, as well as steel legs for long life and easy maintenance. Its lightweight design also means you can mount it atop a trash container that has a leaf bag inside for quick and convenient disposal.

Quick and Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box
Out of the box, the Leaf-Eater is a snap to put together in minutes; you’ll only need a 3/8-inch nut driver and Phillips-head screwdriver. Maintenance is equally effortless thanks to the removable motor intake filter–just remove and clean periodically.

Dimensions and Warranty Information
The LE-800 Leaf-Eater comes with 36 heavy-duty cutting lines, legs, and a limited one-year warranty.

About Flowtron
Family-owned since its start in 1920, Armatron International began operations as a manufacturer of automobile radios. After more than 50 years in that field, Armatron became recognized through its Flowtron division as a worldwide leader in outdoor products. Today, Flowtron designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a select line of lawn and garden products that are distributed to major retailers in the US and Canada, as well as to foreign markets all over the world. The company is proud that all of its products are made in the US: in Malden, Massachusetts, and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What’s in the Box
One funnel, one upper hopper, one lower housing assembly, three legs, 36 cutting lines, one hardware package, and owner’s manual.


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