Price : $20.85
Brand : Fox Farm

FoxFarm FX14002 32 oz. FoxFarm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate 0.01-0.3-0.7

Big bloom liquid concentrate is 100-percent natural and organic biologically alive formula. This instant plant food enhances flavor and fragrance of fruits and vegetables. Promotes strong, extra large multiple blooms and will not burn plants. Great medicine for sick plants or transplant fertilizer. For hydroponics, soil, foliar, and drip irrigation systems. Can be used in combination with Tiger bloom fertilizer. Use the whole growth cycle for optimal results. 576 Units/pallet. Comes with one year warranty. Contains 0.01-percent nitrogen, 0.3-percent phosphorus and 0.7-percent potassium. Available in 1-quart. This product weighs 2.5-pound. Measures 3-1/5-inch length by 3-1/5-inch width by 9-inch height.


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