Brand : Flexaust

Garage Exhaust Flare-Lok Rubber Duct Hose, Black, 3″ ID, 11′ Length

The Flexaust Flare-Lok rubber duct hose, used for garage and vehicle fume exhaust applications, is a lightweight black rubber hose; it resists gasoline, oil, fumes, carbon monoxide, heat, and aging, and is flexible for easy installation. This duct hose immediately returns to its original shape after being crushed, although it has no wire or metal reinforcement. A temperature range of 0 to 375 degrees F makes it suitable for applications such as engine fume exhaust. This duct hose has a flared end for easy connection and splicing of multiple lengths of the same size hose.

Duct hoses are flexible or rigid tubes that convey gases, liquids, and lightweight bulk materials from one location to another. They are made from an array of materials that range from polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber, to PVC and aluminum-coated fiberglass fabric, and are typically reinforced with a steel wire or rigid plastic helix, also known as a “spiral.” Duct hoses are secured with hose clamps or U-bolts, and two pieces of hose are joined with a hose connector. Common applications for duct hoses include heating and cooling, ventilation, fume and smoke exhaust, vacuum cleaning, moving chips and shavings, handling bulk packing materials, and water and waste discharge.

Flexaust manufactures flexible hose, metal ducting, and accessories for industrial and commercial applications. The company, founded in 1938 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, is part of the international Schauenburg Group.


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