Brand : Granberg International

Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 36″ Rails

Mill lumber with your chainsaw! Granberg Alaskan Sawmills have been making lumber for over 50 years, and their proven design has been used in nearly every country around the world. This highly portable milling system is designed to go anywhere you can get a chainsaw, whether it be your back yard, or the back forty. This unit easily clamps onto your chainsaw with a bar wrench (included), so you can go from standard cutting to milling in minutes. This mill makes slabs up to 12″ thick and up to 32″ wide. As with all of our chainsaw mills, you can cut any length log or cant. Instructions included. We recommend a set of slabbing brackets to aid in making the first cut on a log. Match the mill to the biggest log you’ll be cutting. Small logs are more difficult to mill with the larger mills. Mill is adjustable to narrower cuts.MK-III Mill with 36″ rails gives a maximum cut of 32″Minimum bar requirement to achieve maximum cut: 42″NOTE:Shown with chainsaw and helmet, not included.


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