Price : $59.99
Brand : Ladbrooke Soil Blockers

Hand-held 4 Soil Blocker w/New Comfort Grip

This mini 4 2″ soil block maker decreases the time needed to transplant seedlings into the garden by: eliminating plastic re-potting, keeping the germination temperature warmer with the free-standing compressed soil block, giving the roots as much soil as a 4″ tapered plastic pot, roots are air-pruned and transplant shock, stunting, slow-growth is eliminated. Save cubic space with the square soil block. The pins can be replaced by other sizes and accepts potting on sizes like the 3/4″ micro blocks. Eliminates the need for buying, storing and sanitizing plastic pots, soil blockers make the “pot-less pot” used for all seeds and all cuttings.
Now made with NEW Comfort Grip vinyl dip molded grips for a softer release on the handle.


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