Brand : HGTV Home

HGTV HOME 1600 PSI Portable Pressure Washer – GREEN

When it comes to pressure cleaning, this compact little powerhouse from HGTV HOME promises to wow and amaze. Not only does it deliver a potent 1600 psi of liquid cleaning power, it does so with style.

What You Get

Pressure washer
High-pressure hose
Spray gun
Spray wand
Turbo nozzle
2 Spray tips
Soap-dispenser bottle
Gun hook
Electrical cord storage hook
Operator’s manual
Quick-start guide
1600 psi of pressure washing power
Perfect for cleaning many home surfaces including siding, patio furniture, driveways, walkways, vehicles and boats
Delivers 1.3 gallons per minute

35′ power cord and 20′ high-pressure hose
Offers substantial reach when cleaning large areas
Clean with less repositioning and less outlet changes
Perfect for truck, RV and boat cleaning
On-board storage
Keeps attachments and tools within easy reach at all times
Quick-disconnect wand with detergent applicator
Perfect for cleaning any surface that requires application of a detergent

Red 0-degree tip
Delivers a straight line of spray with the highest amount of pressure
Ideal for detail cleaning and removing hard, stuck-on grime and dirt
Green 25-degree spray tip
Delivers adequate pressure for cleaning without damaging most surfaces
Designed for “sweeping” foliage or debris using its wide-angle spray
Perfect for cleaning larger surfaces like driveways, siding or vehicles
Turbo nozzle
Delivers a powerful, circular spray for dislodging stubborn dirt and gunk
Compact, lightweight design with built-in handle
Easy to lift, carry and hold
More Features
GFCI (Ground Fault Current Interruptor) on power cord plug
Model #:
Approx. 18″L x 12-1/4″W x 12″H
Approx. 16 lbs.
Material Composition:
Plastic, aluminum, steel and copper
Power Source:
Wall outlet
UL and CSA
Takes one person less than 5 minutes to assemble


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