Price : $14.98
Brand : Modern Times Living

Homegrown Garden Tools Ergonomic Hand Weeder

This easy-to-use tool pierces even the hardest soil, then leverages against the ground to pry up stubborn weeds by the roots.  Simply push the Homegrown Garden Tools Hand Weeder into the ground at the base of a weed, use the V-shaped tip to cut or capture the roots, then press down on the handle and up comes the weed.  That’s it!  No soaps.  No vinegar.  No harmful chemicals.  All safe and natural.

The Homegrown Garden Tools Hand Weeder has a large, comfortable, ergonomic handle and convenient hanging hole for storage.  Like all Homegrown Garden Tools, our weeder is backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty along with unparalleled customer support.  Best of all, the Homegrown Garden Tools Hand Weeder comes in a cool burlap tote sack and makes a great gift for anyone looking to get the upper hand on stubborn weeds in their lawn, flowerbeds, or garden. So order today and soon you’ll say… The Best is Always Homegrown!


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