Price : $319.00
Brand : Jora Composter

Joraform Compost Tumbler JK 125

The Joraform range of composters are, without a doubt, the the most effective and efficient kitchen waste composters in the world. The Compost tumblers were designed in Sweden in response to tough recycling regulations and have been used successfully by households throughout Scandinavia for many years to compost all kitchen waste, including cooked food and meat products. Many are also in use in schools and kindergartens, where they make a good educational tool for young students.

The JK125,270 or 400 let you make perfect compost from your kitchen waste hygienically and quickly, with minimal fuss and mess

Features & Benefits:

* Insulated properties allows the temperature inside the tumbler to rise higher than 160o

* Dual chambers and dual doors

* Capacity of up to 106 gallons, 13-21 gallons a week

* Attractive design

* High variety of compostable material

* Reduces and eliminates odors

* Made out of galvanized steel for longer sustainability

* Air is allowed into the mixture, providing the oxygen vital for the process

* The JK Composters are constructed for ease and simplicity of rotation


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