Brand : Leaf Loader

Leaf Loader 2451034 Heavy Duty 90-Gallon Yard Clipping Collection Bag

The Leaf Loader heavy duty 90 gallon bag is the perfect complement to the Leaf Loader yard funnel. The oversized reusable bag has a full 90 gallon capacity for leaves and yard debris, over twice the capacity of contractor lawn and leaf bags. With a 3 1/2 sq foot opening it is ideally sized for effortless filling and emptying. The flexible bag makes it easy to compress leaves and yard waste but is sturdy enough to stand up on its own. The freestanding bag is perfect for tight spaces where tarps are clumsy to use. The Yard bag has 5 oversized handles to make moving the bag to your compost pile or to the curb simple. The heavy duty waterproof fabric is easy to clean with a hose after use. Folds flat for storage.


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