Price : $1999.99
Brand : Limbinator

Limbinator Saw, Model# LS8

This innovative tree trimming attachment uses the height and hydraulic power of a tractor with front-end loader to create a trimmer that is quiet, safe and environmentally friendly without sacrificing power and usability. It mounts to the front-end loader’s bucket and connects to an auxiliary hydraulic hook-up for power. The 20 bar, 0.325 pitch saw sits on an 8-ft. steel mast that gives you an 18 to 21-ft. reach, when used with a fully extended loader bucket and operates at 5000 RPM. Because the Limbinator uses hydraulic power instead of a gas engine, the only sound it makes comes from the spinning chain and the operator can worry less about falling limbs from the safety of a tractor seat. Bar Length (in.): 20, Engine Speed (RPM): 5,000, HP: 12 1/2, Chain Pitch (in.): 0.325, Chain Saw Type: Hydraulic, Oil Pump Flow: 7 GPM, Tool Weight (lbs.): 86


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