Price : $139.99
Brand : Startonight

Maple Tree Mind Blowing Canvas Wall Art – Two Gifts, Keyholder Leaf and 5 Stars, Startonight Nature 31.5 X 47.2 In

This canvas wall piece for home or for kitchen decor features a beautiful maple, ideal gift for somebody who love trees. Based on our highly appreciated Eco-Light technology the Startonight Dual View paintings are brilliantly colored printings, with the unique property of glowing in the dark. In the presence of any source of light (natural – from the Sun or artificial – from light bulbs), only 30 minutes would be enough for a Startonight painting to be fully charged with luminous energy. Then, when evening comes and it gets dark, it will radiate a warm and discreet light which will allow you to enjoy your magic painting late in the night. IMPORTANT: The luminous material is ecological, does not contain phosphorus, is not radioactive and does not harm the health, neither the environment. All Startonight luminous printings are stretched on a chassis made of solid wood (not treated chemically).


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