Price : $299.99
Brand : Rack'em

Multi-Mount Stainless Steel/Aluminum 4.4 Cubic Foot Grass Catcher RCMMS-OVBS4 with 1 Face Plate

This Stainless Steel/Aluminum Hybrid Catcher is the Landscaper’s choice, out lasting the competition 2 to 1.

Stainless Steel/Aluminum Hybrid Grass Catcher is designed to be lightweight, strong and versatile to provide years of trouble free service.

This Hybrid Grass Catcher is designed to accept a mower specific face plate, so if you ever need to replace your mower, you would only need to buy a new face plate for the catcher to fit your new mower.

You will have to mount the face plate to the catcher blank, which is a quick and easy installation.

Hardware and brackets are supplied for the mounting of the face plate and catcher to your mower.

The RCMMS-OVBS4 will fit the following mowers:

SCAG Cheeta SCZ 48″ & 52″

SCAG Velocity Deck 48″ & 52″

SCAG V-Ride Stand-On SMVR 52V

SCAG Walk Behind Zero Turn SWZT 48

SCAG Walk Behind Zero Turn SWZT 52

This catcher will NOT work on a stamped deck.

Depending on catcher you may have to drill a hole or 2 in your deck in order to mount it.

Make sure the discharge opening sticks out further then the rear tire.


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