Brand : Powerwasher

Power Washer 12POE-150 1500 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

The Power Washer brand is synonymous with high quality cleaning equipment and in meeting the needs of customers who like to keep their belongings in tip-top condition. The Power Washer 1500 psi Pressure Washer is no exception. Simply attach a clean water supply and plug in the Power Washer 1500 psi Pressure Washer 35-foot power cord with GFCI protection. The high efficiency motor/pump on this 1.3gpm Home Pressure Washer features an Automatic Total Stop system which starts the motor and pump only when the spray trigger is pulled for cleaning. In addition to saving electricity, this technology prolongs pump and motor life on the 1.3gpm Home Pressure Washer. On-board storage for the spray gun, wand, hose and power cord keeps everything neat and tidy after the cleaning job is complete. The wheels and ergonomic handle design make this Power Washer Electric Pressure Washer extremely mobile.


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