Price : $167.07
Brand : APW Distributing

Pressure Washer Pump Generac Troy Bilt Simpson Hydrostar Craftsman Delta

CDX2532 Pump
SKU: 1001.8677

2 Year Warranty!

3,200 PSI Max
2.5 GPM
Solid Brass Pump Head
3/4″ Hollow Shaft Drive
22mm outlet
Built-in Unloader
Built-in Chemical Injector
Sight Glass to View Oil Level
Thermal Valve included!!
Built-in Garden Hose Adapter
Stainless Steel Check Valves
Forged Brass Manifold

This is not a throw away pump, it can be
maintained (oil changed and parts replaced).

Please consider adding Pump Oil & Pump Saver Fluid to your purchase!

Please note that when using this as a replacement pump the pump may be longer than the original and may cause mounting or hose connection issues. Sometimes the engine will need to be mounted in a different location on the frame (forward or backward) in order for the hoses to connect properly.


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