Price : $74.95
Brand : Improvements

Propane Torch – Improvements

Propane Torch can be used for melting dangerous patches of ice on steps or sidewalks. For weed control, direct the flame at the weed for a few seconds until it wilts; there’s no need to completely burn the weed. Regulating valve allows you to adjust the flame on the Propane Torch. Long-Reach Propane Torch melts thick ice, plus burns out hard-to-get-at weeds. This easy-to-use Propane Torch is the environmentally friendly, chemical-free way to get rid of ice patches and snow in Winter. You can also use the Propane Torch for weed control or to burn out unwanted grass in driveway or sidewalk cracks. Attach your own standard 14.1-oz. propane tank (not included, but available locally) to the Propane Torch, open the regulating valve slowly, and ignite. You can adjust the size of the flame by turning the valve. The Propane Torch has a 31″ reach. Benefits of the Propane Torch:


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