Price : $160.00
Brand : Remington

Remington Tools 8 Amp 1.5 hp 10″ Electric Pole Saw

Remington Electric Pole Saw Provides Pruning Power

Whether you’re spring cleaning outside or trimming in the fall before ice and foul weather hit, this Remington 10 in Electric Pole Saw will give you the reach and power to get rid of low-hanging branches or droopy tree limbs. With a potent eight amp engine that will chew through branches up to 10 inches thick, the removable power saw attaches to a lightweight aluminum pole that telescopes up to 12 feet. Reach across hedges and sculpt them in no time. Shade up trees or get rid of dead weight. It’s much less of a chore with this pole saw.

Remington Electric Pole Saw can serve double duty – just flip a lever, detach it from the pole and use it as you would a normal chain saw. It’s versatile and powerful enough to handle many chores for you. The low kick-back bar and chain are made from aluminum for extra durability, as is the pole.


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