Price : $115.98
Brand : Eteyo

Sanven 48 Egg Incubator Automatic Egg Turning(every 2 Hours) Digital Temperature Control

Please refer to the following product user manual


YZ8-48 egg incubator is reliable, digital incubators, the YZ8-48 will house 48 Chicken size eggs in the automatic egg turner which gentles turns every 2 hours. This not only makes this great incubator super easy to manage but also gives you the freedom of not having to manage your eggs on a continual basis.
The Temperature can be set according to your needs and a high / low alarm will sound if temperature goes over or below. The Temperature can be adjusted between 30°Cand 42°C which is more than sufficient for poultry and avian needs.As with the Temperature, an alarm will sound if the Humidity is out of range.
A built-in thermometer/hygrometer day counter and a turner countdown timer displays most needed information on the 4 LED panels conveniently located on the front of the unit.

Technical Parameters

1.Egg capacity:48 eggs


3.Packing box:50*29*53cm



6.Valtage:220V~240V/50Hz 110V~120V/60Hz



1.Automatic egg turning(every 2 hours)

2.Digital temperature control.

3.LED display temperature/humidit/hatching days/egg turning time.

4.Temperature alarm/humidity alarm(when going out setted range)

5.The lastest updated model,more accurate and stable.

6.Easy to clean,simple to use with instructions included.

7.Excellent quality,CE standard/approved


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