Brand : Urban Composter

Urban Composter Urban Composter, Black, Polypropylene, 13.75L x 15.72W in.

The Urban Composter is not just a container for waste en-route to the compost heap – it’s a functioning composter in one small, sleek package. The Urban Composter starts the composting process right in your kitchen and replaces unsightly plastic bins or the need to grind or flush organic scraps down the drain. Instead, toss unwanted peels and leftover scraps into this bin to produce nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. Instead of granular mixes, a composting spray is added that uses microorganisms to break down food waste. Simply add your scraps, give them a spray, and let the fermenting process begin. In just a few days, you’ll have 100% organic fertilizer from the tap. Dilute this liquid and add it to your plants, then watch them thrive. Once the bucket is full remaining liquid can be drained and the food residue can be dug into some soil and left to settle for 5-7 weeks. Then compost is ready to spread on the garden or your lawn. The Urban Composter has a sleek design and comes with a choice of lid colors. It’s attractive enough to have in your kitchen to encourage and remind everyone at home to keep composting. It uses an anaerobic composting process so the food you put into the bucket doesn’t produce a foul-smelling odor, and a seal on the bucket ensures a tight fit for no smells, spills, or flies. Easy-to-use, clean, effective indoor compost bin. Turn peels, cut-offs and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Uses a composting spray to break down food waste. Produces organic liquid fertilizer in just days. Large, 4-gallon capacity and choice of lid colors.


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