Price : $189.49
Brand : Worx

WORX WG321 20-volt Max Lithium Cordless Chainsaw with Extension Pole

The Worx WG321 cordless Jawsaw with extension takes all the cutting abilities of the Jawsaw and makes it cordless. Now you can prune, cut kindling and saw debris without the cord. This cordless 20-volt lithium powered Jawsaw is the battery-powered chain saw that will go anywhere. It’s super safe. The chain is enclosed in the blade guard, helping to protect the user from contact with the chain compared to regular chain saws. It’s virtually maintenance free. The Jawsaw patented system automatically sets the proper chain tension for you. Also, the Jawsaw has an automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator. Simply keep the oil level filled and the saw will oil itself. The great thing about the Jawsaw is its ability to cut directly on the ground. No more propping or bending to make a ground cut. Also, with the extension, the Jawsaw can reach up to 12-feet for pruning or limbing branches. This makes the Jawsaw the perfect saw for cleanup after a storm, clearing debris and cutting up downed branches.


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