Price : $188.88
Brand : X-Power

Xpower B-5 4 HP Variable Speed 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum

XPOWER Manufacture, Inc. is a highly experienced and respected international manufacturer of electrical, motor driven equipment and systems that emphasizes state-of-the-art design maximizing operational flexibility and versatility. The electrical equipment under sale has the highest International Electrical Safety Standards Certification in the Pet Dryer Industry. The XPOWER B-5 “Pro Blaster” is a high speed dryer for gross water removal on small to large breed dogs, cars and other surfaces where heat above 109°F is not required. A highly balanced motor and improved carbon brush design creates at least 40% less noise than our nearest competitor, greater motor life, and only uses 12 amp power draw at max speed. For such a small, lightweight, and highly portable 4 HP dryer, the B-5 delivers outstanding performance producing huge amount of air flow and high velocity wind speed. Reverse the screw-on, 8 ft. hose and you have a small job, clean-up vacuum. The unique 3 filter system keeps the motor clean and is easily accessible with the internal filters reached through a screw-off end cap. The B-5 is preferred by groomers who want precise air control for the toughest large breed to the smallest and most timid toy breed with the lowest cost for a variable speed dryer and still desires lightness, quietness, low power usage and high job effectiveness. The vacuum feature, rubber tipped unit feet for non-slip stability and heavy duty handle for transport, makes the B-5 the epitome of the “ALL-PURPOSE MULTI-SPEED DRYER”.


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