Brand : Xylobags

Xylobags Compostable Lawn and Leaf Bags 33 Gallon, Brown, Fresh Pine, 6 Count

Xylobags 33 gallon compostable bags are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under the ASTM-D6400 Standard. This certification indicates that our bags are accepted for use in municipal composting programs nationwide. Cities including Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Houston and New York City all require the BPI Certification for use in their programs. Xyloboags are made with lignin which is an essential ingredient for compost. Lignin is the natural, leftover part of a tree when making paper, so no additional trees need to be cut down. Additionally, a portion of every box sold is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation to replant the forest. Lignin is one of the hardiest plant based materials available which yields added strength to our compostable bags. Additionally, lignin does not absorb water which increases the bags shelf life. Xylobags are manufactured in the USA with lignin derived from the US native Eastern pine. Pine Fresh 33 Gallon.


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