Price : $25.98
Brand : Gnometastic

Gnometastic “Make Gnomes Great Again Garden Gnome || Funny Lawn Gnome Statue & Garden Decoration, 9.5” Inches

Meet the Newest Addition to the Gnometastic Family! Introducing the MaGGA Gnome – Make Gnomes Great Again! While we applaud “Make America Great Again” there’s been a growing movement in the Gnometastic community to Make Gnomes Great Again too! Garden Gnomes across America are campaigning for More Gnomes in More Homes! Is your yard a little bit drab, maybe sad?? YOU need a Gnome! And not just any garden gnome, but a Gnometastic Garden Gnome! If you have an appreciation for funny garden gnomes, or just posses an offbeat sense of humor, our unique garden gnomes will appeal to you and make great gifts for your family and friends and their friends! (Enemies too, but we take no responsibility for that one!). We pride ourselves on clever, funny and quirky gnomes made of the highest quality materials out there! Our gnomes will make you laugh, they might piss off your neighbor (but isn’t that the point??). These quirky little guys will make a hilarious addition to any landscape they adorn, outdoors or in: your porch, patio, lawn, garden, the kitchen, office (facing your boss’s door), the bathroom (?!) or just about anywhere you think is appropriate! [THE LAWYER INSISTED WE ADD THIS: This Gnome is NOT affiliated, sponsored by or endorsed by any political group or associations.]


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