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Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Nativity Set, Yard Nativity Scene

Outdoor Nativity Set

Outdoor Nativity Set
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Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Nativity Set

The Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Nativity Set is a beautiful silhouette style outdoor nativity set that complements any yard without looking overly commercial. It is fabricated from durable UV stabilized marine grade materials that simply will never rot, warp or discolor. The nativity set measures 50″ tall x 46″ wide x 22″ deep when assembled. Assembly is a breeze as the 8 piece set slides together in minutes. An outdoor nativity set has always been a great decoration for the Christmas holiday, however in the past it has been a bulky item and a challenge to store during the off season. This is not an issue with the Teak Isle Nativity Set! Just as quickly and easily as it’s set up it can be disassembled and stored in the same compact 45″ x 30″ x 3″ box it is shipped in (even repacking instructions are included!). This compact box is the perfect size for under beds or in small attics. The Teak Isle nativity set also affords customers the opportunity to expand their set in the future with matching characters including Angels, Wise Men, Shepherd & more.

Marine Grade Material

The Teak Isle Outdoor Nativity Set is fabricated from 1/2″ thick marine grade plastic sheet. The material is a homogeneous expanded PVC sheet that has a matte surface.It is UV stabilized and will never discolor or warp. Unlike painted plywood alternatives, because the material is white throughout it will never require painting. With that said, the material accepts acrylic latex paint extremely well and makes a great craft project.

Included Stability Kit

Included with each nativity set is a stability kit comprised of two aluminum rods that run up the back of the nativity side walls through four included brackets. As an additional counterbalance to the wind, two tent stakes are also included to hook over the back of the side fences. This staking system has proven extremely stable and has even stood up when tested with an industrial grade leaf blower!

Yard Nativity Scene

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Display the True Meaning of Christmas

A strikingly simple and peaceful display of the true meaning of Christmas, this nativity set compliments any yard without looking overly commercial.

Nativity Set Compact Storage

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Compact Storage

Storing your nativity in the off season is simple and easy. The set stores in the same 45″ x 30″ x 3″ tall box that it is shipped in and comes with simple repacking instructions. This box is a perfect size for sliding under beds or in tight attics. The fully packaged box weighs only 23 lbs and is easy for one person to repackage, store & retrieve next season.

Outdoor Yard Nativity

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Proven Durable in Any Weather

Designed to withstand any inclement weather, the nativity set includes four brackets and two aluminum rods that extend up the nativity side walls. The marine grade material combined with included stability kit ensures the nativity set can withstand even the roughest winter weather.

Quick and Easy Assembly

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Quick & Easy Assembly

One of the nicest features of the Teak Isle Outdoor Nativity Set is how quick and easy it is to assemble. Detailed assembly instructions are included, however they are generally not needed as the set slides together so easily and intuitively.

Additional Characters Available

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Additional Characters Available

The Teak Isle Outdoor Nativity Set provides customers with a fantastic base nativity set that can be expanded on with additional separately sold characters. Matching Angels, Wise Men, Shepherd, Donkey, Calf & even a drummer boy are available! Mix and match to create your perfect set or add a new figure every year.

Fabricated in the USA

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Proudly Built in the USA

The nativity sets are manufactured in beautiful Central Florida. They are fabricated from flat sheet to finished product in the USA by American workers!


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